Выбирете правельный ответ, Помогите пожалуйста Express in one wordaTo provide someone with smithbdishonest or illegal behaviour by officials. cto rest a

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Выбирете правельный ответ,Помогите пожалуйста))) 
Express in one word
a)To provide someone with smith
b)dishonest or illegal behaviour by officials.
c)to rest and allow yourself to become calm/
d)smit very bad that causes damage
e)to stimulate smb/to do smth
2.Say it in English using modal verbs could+Perfest Infintive
a)Она могла бы заболеть.Было очень холодно
и)Он чуть не утонул,но брат его спас
с) Она могла выиграть чемпионат,но неожиданно заболела. 
b) Он мог бы стать спортсменом,но стал учителем
е)я мог бы поехать в Лондон учиться, но остался в Москву
2. Express your advice, using Modal verbs should+Perfect Infinitive
a)The boy missed classes and failed his exams.
b)The girl didn t Wearm wam clother clothes in winter and caught a cold.
c) She had the flue but she didn t take any medicine
d) He spent too much time with computer and became tired 
e)He was rude with his little brother

  • I
    a) to deliver
    b) corruption
    c) meditation
    d) disaster
    e) to motivate
    a) She could have been sicked. It was very cold.
    b) He practically drowned but his brother savioured him
    c) She could have had won the championship, but she suddenly illed.
    d) He could were a sportsmen, but became a teacher
    e) I could have rode to London to learn, but stayed to Moscow.
    a) He should be a total dick.
    b) She should be a filthy slut.
    c) He should be so stupid.
    d) He should have been an anonymous we are legion we are one
    e) His brother should have punched him in the balls

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