Помогите составить сочинение на тему city park

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помогите составить сочинение на тему city park

  • My native city is Kharkov. I have been living here for 13 years and have a lot of recollections connected with this city. The history of Kharkov dates back to the 17th century when Ukrainian cossacks led by I. Karkach built a fortified settlement oil the plateau surrounded by the Kharkov and the Lopan rivers.
    Nowadays it’s a large city with a population of about 1.6 mln people.
    In Kharkov there are a lot of places of interest, and every year the city is visited by many tourists from different countries.
    My favourite place is Gorky Park. There you can escape from the noise of the city streets and enjoy the freshness of air under the canopy of park trees. Gorky Park, is very popular with children. There they can hire roller-skates or ride a horse, or take photos with a monkey. There are a lot of other different attractions: swing boats, merry-go rounds, dodgems, up-and-down roundabouts, a big wheel and others. Multicoloured balloons arid ice-creams are sold everywhere… Adults meanwhile can rest in one of the cosy cafes or go to see a movie in the «Park» cinema. For sport-fanciers there are tennis-courts, a swimming pool and a stadium.
    Gorky park goes to Sumskaya street – the main street of our city. The most treasured pieces of architecture have been preserved here. Old houses are combined there with modern buildings of shops and cafes glaring in the evening with bright lights.
    There are lots of other sights in our city and I’m sure they are not the last to feast eyes by their beauty and magnificence.
    I’m proud to be a Kharkovite. All my life is closely connected with this city. I’m happy to live here as I really love this city and I’ll never change it for any other place.
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